Museum Musings Interview

Part of why I podcast is to get people excited about history. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my cause. Jesika Arseneau and her team at Museum Musings are getting people excited about going to museums to come face-to-face with history. Jesika likes what I’m doing with my podcast, and the next thing I new, she […]

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The Tatar Cometh

An Arab trader ventures into the chaos of the north, hoping to make his fortune in the Rus city of Kiev before the Mongol hordes arrive. The city is under lockdown as everyone prepares for what many believe to be the legions of hell. Special thanks to Shane Bhunnoo for the intro music!

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Dying For A Coffee In Vienna

If you thought the 18th century was stuffy, you need to think again! Under those powdered wigs were people engaging in all sorts of debauched and hilarious episodes. While Mozart was conquering Europe with his musical masterpieces, Casanova was prowling about, making conquests of a different kind… It was an age of romance, a time […]

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Babylon Falling

Cities rise, cities fall; such is the course of human history. In this episode, we find ourselves shifting through the current of time, witnessing the final hours of two great cities in the cradle of civilization. Destruction can be wrought by the sword, or by artillery fire; in the end, the result is the same. […]

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We’re On iTunes!

I just wanted to start by thanking everyone who has listened to the show so far. When I started this, I was an avid fan of a lot of podcasts, but I never thought I’d be able to wrap my head around how to actually do one. I’m still figuring it out as I go, […]

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Angevin Anarchy

In an age where romances echoed through the halls of splendid European courts, where valiant knights went on crusades to far and exotic lands, and where Christianity brought unity to the realms, all seemed well. The High Middle Ages seemed to be the first light to break through the darkness that covered the west after […]

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