This Is Your History


I’m Kevin Valbonesi and I’m a history addict. My bookshelf, from left to right, features titles from Roman history, Greek History, Islamic History, Medieval England, and so much more. My iPod is filled with podcasts, both dramatic and educational, on the history of the world. Can you tell I like history?

I do have a job of course: I’m a writer for film and television. I think the reason history gets me so much is because as a storyteller, I see in history countless volumes of stories too great to have been true, and filled with people who simply defy the imagination. I look at history and see a bar that has been set very high for me as a storyteller.

What I want to do here is take my passion for history and my capacity as a writer and create stories not unlike those I love to curl up with in front of my faux-fireplace. I do want to do one thing differently though; I don’t want to focus on those great men who defined history, because their stories have been written already. I want to focus on the average joe, so to speak. I’m one of millions of faceless citizens who often find themselves swept up in the tide of history.

I think our story is worth telling.

Voices From The Ages


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