Angevin Anarchy

In an age where romances echoed through the halls of splendid European courts, where valiant knights went on crusades to far and exotic lands, and where Christianity brought unity to the realms, all seemed well. The High Middle Ages seemed to be the first light to break through the darkness that covered the west after the fall of Rome. But history is never that neat.

Even reading through the brilliantly coloured pages of an illuminated manuscript, you notice there is no shortage of blood red.

What does glory look like from under the hooves of a hundred horses?

Special thanks to my wonderful composer, Andres Rojas Anton! Andres brings an in-depth touch to composing, letting character guided the arrangement of his notes. I highly recommend you check out his work at:

Also, thanks to Clynos from Souncloud for our wonderful outro music: “Medieval Boys.” His music is proof that you can find high-quality material under a creative commons license.


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