Dying For A Coffee In Vienna

If you thought the 18th century was stuffy, you need to think again! Under those powdered wigs were people engaging in all sorts of debauched and hilarious episodes. While Mozart was conquering Europe with his musical masterpieces, Casanova was prowling about, making conquests of a different kind… It was an age of romance, a time of frivolity, and as one Venetian noble is about to find out, there is no such thing as “too bizarre…”

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4 thoughts on “Dying For A Coffee In Vienna

    1. Absolutely, they would have been amazing. Where everyone had to be prim and proper at court, you could really get to know someone over a cup of coffee, away from the prying and judgmental eyes of the aristocracy. Even just one hour in Mozart’s company, getting his unfiltered opinion about the most profound and trivial of topics, would be well worth the cost of a time machine trip.

  1. Would it be possible to have the episode available in more than one site? Podomatic is telling me you’ve reached your download limit for the month, so I cannot download. Very interested in hearing this episode!

    1. Ah, my apologies. The show is growing in popularity and I need to build the infrastructure up as well. As per your suggestion, I’m doing the double upload like we used to. The episode is now on Soundcloud as well.

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