Voices From The Ages is a series of stories from the pages of history. There is a theory of history known as the “great man theory,” in which experts claim that history is driven by the machinations of great men, and to a certain extent, that’s true. But, I always wondered about the people swept up in the tide of history. Did the Italians in the 6th century think Justinian’s reconquest was a liberation or a foreign invasion? What was it like to stand on the shores of Japan, expecting the Mongol Horde to show up at any moment? How did the French feel when their king’s head dropped off his body? Together we will explore worlds far and familiar, and we might even have a little fun along the way.

Kevin Valbonesi

Kevin Valbonesi spent his early childhood living in the shadows of Roman ruins and medieval castles in northern Italy. It seemed almost inevitable that after earning a degree in Film and New Media, Kevin would return to history for the stories he wants to tell. Why history? Because past is not past, and the human experience, in essence, has not changed from when we first tamed fire to when we put a man on the moon; Thucydides puts it like this: “I shall be content if those shall pronounce my history useful who desire to have a clear view both of the events which have happened, and of those which will some day, in all human probability, happen again in a same or similar way.


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  1. Please will you let us know when next we will be hearing your dulcet tones – really missing your podcasts!

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